On Air:

Skip Essick is a 45-year broadcast veteran.  Having begun his career in Ohio, Skip was an on-air personality throughout the 1970’s at the number one rock and roll radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan – WGRD.  It was here he was trained by the legendary J. Paul Huddleston, on the writing and delivery of news which Essick incorporates everyday on K-Jewel.  Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, Skip programmed and managed some of America’s top radio stations.  Following a successful programming career, Skip went on to manage the 17 radio station group of  Clear Channel stations in West Michigan.  In 2007, Skip retired from upper management and relocated to Fresno, CA where he reconnected with his original love of the industry as an on air news broadcaster for the legendary K-Jewel 99.3.