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Driverless Cars Zoom Through Legislature

By  Zusha Elinson, The Bay Citizen, California Watch

(Sept. 24,2012) -- When veteran legislative staffer Howard Posner began working on a bill that would allow driverless, computer-controlled cars to roam California’s highways, he figured lawmakers would find the idea alarming.

They didn’t.

“Eventually, you might be on the freeway, and someone might not be behind the wheel,” said Posner, a consultant to the Assembly Transportation Committee, in an unusual moment of candor for a legislative staff member. “By the time this thing rolls out, people will probably be more comfortable. But today they’re not, and I assumed the legislators would have the same feeling.”

The legislation pushed by Google, which makes the autonomous car technology, passed 37-0 in the Senate and 74-2 in the Assembly. It is now awaiting action by Gov. Jerry Brown.

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